Hi everyone, I’m Sylvia. Welcome back to my channel. I went to Hermes boutique this morning and tried their new
released lipsticks And bought some of my favorites I picked some colors I like from the sample pictures online I tried those colors in store and found out some of them
were not that good But most of the colors are beautiful Today I will try on seven lipsticks from Hermes Besides lipstick, I bought a very cute bag charm from Hermes
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will receive notifications once I upload new videos Now let’s unboxing Let’s take a look of the shopping bag first Maybe because of the lipstick, Hermes changed their shopping
bag into this gradient color I bought six lipsticks in total and my friend lend me the
seventh one for this video Here are all the lipsticks, each one costs CAD$87+13% tax This is the price of the regular lipstick, for those limited
edition will be more expensive I don’t really like the colors of those three limited
edition lipstick, so I didn’t buy any of them Hermes lipstick is categorized as Matte and Satin Let’s start with satin lipsticks This one is from my friend, the color code is #66, called
Rouge Piment It’s this little cute orange box once open it I didn’t know its packaging is fancy like this, maybe this
is one of the reasons for the price This looks like a dust bag for the lipstick This is a classic logo from Hermes It’s pretty heavy, white and black portion feels like
plastic The gold part is made of metal and pretty heavy It has magnet on lipstick cover I can play with it all afternoon Thus you don’t have to worry losing the cap No66, look like this, very red More pinky on my hand This is after first layer After double layer I like this color Actually I bought some very similar color this time But if watch closely, some are cool red, some are warm red,
some are more pinky I can’t get rid of any of the lipstick I chose Also because of the texture is so good, especially the satin
lipstick, very smooth and watery Not dry at all and it shows the color very well Next up the color code is #75, call Rouge Amazone Amazon? Amazone? Anyways, it’s the number 75 I remember this is the first lipstick I tried in store and
also my favorite This color is more orange red Super smooth A bit orange, this is after one layer Let’s try more layers More like a warm red Next lipstick is also Satin lipstick, #59 call Rose Dakar I chose it first through online color sample, it’s pretty
pinkish It’s not a very light pink It does not have the feeling of fluorescence I tried the color #53 since it looks nice on the picture,
but it has very heavy fluorescence look, so I gave up on
that one When summer comes, this will be a very matchy color to my
outfits This is the first layer It’s a color that you can use to go to work or school With more layers The fourth lipstick is the last satin lipstick I bought this
time This color is very different from the others, it’s not very
sharp color, I decided to buy it when I was in the store The color code is #21, called Rose Epice It’s like the color of dried rose Very suitable for daily use Highly recommend if you want to try something except red Let’s try the matte lipsticks, to tell the truth, I totally
forgot what I bought The color code of this one is #64, called Rouge Casaque It’s a very popular color The texture looks very matte, even a bit velvet, I really
like it It’s a bit pinkish Applying one layer looks like this Matte lipstick is also very smooth The next one is #68, called Rouge Bleu The color looks so familiar (looks very similar to the other
ones I bought) After applying one layer looks the same as some other colors
I tried before, let me apply more layers It’s a blue tone red I don’t know how to describe right now since these lipsticks
are very similar and I used up all descrptions This one looks good too, most of the lipsticks from Hermes
are very nice The texture is so good I just found that the last lipstick is also Satin, I only
bought few Matte ones The last lipstick is #85 called Rouge H, according to a lot
of people, it’s a must have one This color has two different textures, satin and matte I tried both, the matte one looks like Snow White’s
stepmother on me It’s a dark red and should be Burgundy color To be more exact, it’s a brownish purple red With one layer on, it’s a very normal color and looks tender With more layers on, it’s a cool color The color is not too much To me, after applying it, I feel like I’m a successful woman I personally like this color, also #21, these two are the
most different lipsticks from others I bought So I recommend this kind of different colors other than red My lips are so tiring after testing these seven lipsticks Last I would like to unboxing with you the bag charm I
bought this time This bag charm is released recently It looks like the shopping bag from Hermes You may already saw it online It’s their most classic orange shopping bag, so cute and
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