We’ll get in trouble!
Let’s bend this! Fun. Sad. Back to normal. That’s impossible! Cool! Go like this… How in the?… Hey everyone ii is Nihon Jack. Today we’re going to show you magic that anyone can do. Let’s do this. The first magic is with a spoon. Let’s spend this. That’s my mom’s spoon. She’ll get mad. Let’s bend this. She’s going to get mad! I’m serious. For real. Oh, the spoon is fine. This trick uses an ichi en coin. When you bend this, You do this. Just like this. From the front it looks like this. Cool. Do it with drama. Then you take it like this. And pull it. Cool. Ok, this magic uses a black king and a red jack. Hey, this is two Jacks. Put them in here like this. Could it be? I did it!
Wow! Do you want to know the secret? Ok, watch this. We have two black kings. One spaid and one club. We have three jacks. Diamond. Hearts. And this Jack. That’s me. Put these in here. And then when you throw it, you do this. Wow, how do you do that? Normal speed is like this. But this is actually a different King and Jack. What do you think? It’s awesome. This isn’t Magic, but it’s really cool. Watch this. Fun. Sad. Fun. Sad. Fun. Sad. Fun. Sad. Fun. Sad. Take this bill. Fold it right down the eye. Do the same thing to the other eye. Finally, you put the two lines together. When you show it to other people, if you hold it like this, his face looks happy. This way looks sad. Can you do it? Fun. Sad. Ok let’s do some magic with this rubber band. Awesome! Did you like it? Put it on here. When I show it, I do this. I put all of my fingers inside. And then put it on the top like this. When I open my fingers It jumps over here. Here’s normal speed. Ok, let’s do our next trick. Let’s cut this. How many pieces? Not sure. Ok I’m going to wad this up. Blow on it. Don’t make it rain. Ok, I am going to restore it. That’s impossible! You fixed it! OMG! So the piece is right here. This is all broken. I prepared this before. Made it a small ball. And put it right here. Then you take the napkin. And cut it. But here is a little secret. If you cut it this way, you cannot do it. But you can do it this way, and then it cuts easily. But this is still here. Cut this. And make it into a small ball. Change the small balls. Open it, and it is fixed. Wow! Awesome, right? Shall we do the next trick? Yep! I have a card here. And a mug. Uh-oh. Like that.
Shall we show everyone? Yes. This is the secret. Take this. And put it on here. … You can’t see from behind, but … My finger is right here. And then it stands. From the front, you see this. But everyone, this is a little dicey. Be careful. If you have plastic, that is better to use. Shall we do the next one? Yes, let’s do it! You probably already know this one, but… Let’s do it. I take my finger… What?!!! For this trick, you bend your finger Then, you take your thumb like this. But if you do it like this, everyone will see. So you put your finger on top. Then the illusion is perfected. Then you fix it by pulling here and stretching it. One more time. This is not magic. This is a challenge. Take a pencil like this. How did you do that? Whu?!!! Can you do this? Try it. Hey, let’s explain it. Take this. So take your right hand like this. Take the pencil like this. I did it! I did it again. That’s all of today’s Magic. How was it? You like it? How long have you been doing magic? Since I was a kid. Everyone in my family is a magician. So I did it since I was a kid. You do shows for kids too, right? I have shows for everything. Kids… Adults… It’s super interesting. This video was fun. Please subscribe. Also leave a like. See you later!

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